Change can be hard. Change often creates a feeling of discomfort. Most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zone where life feels predictable, more secure. And when several things change over a short period of time, that feeling may go from discomfort to stress, from questioning to feeling disconnected.

Today is the full moon. As the moon waxes and wanes, we don’t always notice those small changes from one night to the next. Then a full moon rises and we suddenly notice the light, but did we see the darkness of the new moon?

We live in duality. Our lives are always changing. It is an illusion that we can prevent change. As Swami Sivananda taught – adapt, adjust, accommodate – this is the essence of yoga practice.

Over the last few years we have experienced many changes here at the Atma Center. Some disliked and some liked. Some pleasurable and some painful. A yoga center is not immune to duality. It is a community of people who are all works in progress. Change is going to happen.

As I move forward toward our 22nd year anniversary, I do so with an open mind, heart and hands, letting go of the past and making space for more light to shine. I hope you will join me.


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