Why Private Yoga

Private yoga allows you to learn the foundational practice of yoga at your own pace. If you’ve been wanting to try yoga but felt intimidated to go into a class full of students, private yoga is a great way to ease your way into the practice. Other benefits of private yoga include:

Personalized instruction

A scheduled time that's convenient for you

Developing a practice that fits your body

Learning modifications for specific health conditions

Special populations that benefit from yoga include

children’s yoga

Improve your flexibility, strength, and stamina and learn basic breathing and stress relief techniques. The practices in Foundation A can help relieve and prevent degenerative conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure and back problems. Suitable for all regardless of fitness level, health conditions or age. Teachers will provide modifications for your unique needs in this non-competitive environment.

pre-and post-natal yoga

In the US approximately 18% of the population can be diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder at any time. However, nearly everyone has experienced anxiety for various periods of time. Major symptoms of anxiety affect the body, energy, emotions, mind, and spirit. Therefore, yoga is an excellent resource to alleviate anxiety. Yoga integrates practices that address all aspects of our being, cultivating a state of awareness that can help you become more objective and present, resulting in decreased stress and anxiety.

menopause and women’s health

Take time to slow down from the hustle of the season and move through a slower paced vinyasa flow class. This subtle flow class will conclude with pranyamana and meditation. 

healthy aging

Support your body’s aging process. This mixed level class is appropriate for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Chair-based practice is an option.

Our in-depth instruction includes advanced yoga techniques, cleansing practices, and applied anatomy & physiology training.

Don’t see your health concern listed?

 Contact us or explore yoga therapy.

Some of physical and mental considerations commonly worked with in private yoga sessions include:

back pain

joint pain (including joint replacement pre- and post-operative care)

carpal tunnel syndrome

cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions

asthma and allergies

digestion problems


other mental health concerns

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