Karma & Karma Yoga


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“Karma is a manifestation of human nature. It is something which is expressed spontaneously, naturally and unconditionally, because this entire creation is nothing but manifestation of karma. The entire creation, the entire universe, the entire life is manifestation of karma, and the seed of karma in creation was planted by the cosmic will.”

Karma and karma yoga was the theme of the satsangs given in February 2010. The illuminating and in-depth discourses provide a fresh perspective on this timeless subject and also a clear map for the course of our life. The satsangs are one of the finest examples of Swami Niranjan’s inimitable style: light yet deep, refreshing yet classical, profound yet practical.

From the Yogadrishti series of satsangs given by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.


1 in stock

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