Sannyasa: Cultivating Spiritual Awareness


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From the Yogadrishti (yoga vision) series of satsangs consists of discourses given by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in Munger as part of the new phase of sannyasa life he has embarked upon since 2009. “Sannyasa is not initiation, sannyasa is not renunciation, but cultivation of the right samskaras so that one may live a life of dharma.” Sannyasa was the theme of satsangs Swamiji gave in January 2011 at Ganga Darshan, after returning from the programs held for the first anniversary of Sri Swami Satyananda’s mahasamadhi at Rikhiapeeth. Illustrating the ideal of sannyasa through Sri Swami Satyananda’s life, Swamiji takes us on a journey to the origins, traditions and essence of this path, and provides a sequential approach by which it can become a practicable lifestyle. The satsangs culminate with a glimpse into the mandate and aspirations of Sannyasa Peeth.


1 in stock

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