The Golden Collection 7


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On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee World Yoga Convention 2013, Munger, Bihar School of Yoga is pleased to present The Golden Collection, a compilation of the first publications of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Originally published in booklet format during the 1960’s and 1970’s, their modest nature made the wealth of the ancient science of yoga accessible to one and all. Some volumes of The Golden Collection are of a different nature. They present tributes paid to Sri Swami Satyananda over a period of fifty five years. From 1954 onwards people expressed their recognition, gratitude and love.These volumes are a chronicle of devotion to the extraordinary man and his mission. Volume 7 of The Golden Collection is a tribute to Sri Swami Satyananda, spanning almost fifty years of his life. From 1963 to 2009, Yoga magazine became the forum of an unceasing flow of recognition and admiration which came from all corners of the world. These tributes are true Testimonies of Love dedicated to the yogi, guru and master who inspired all through his radiant personality and practical teachings. The variety of tributes allows the reader of today to renew their connection and commitment to the path shown by Sri Swami Satyananda.


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