Living Ayurveda 2022

Ayurvedic Immersion 2022

Dive into the world of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, with our immersive fall program designed to elaborate on the interplay between our body, mind, and spirit. Learn how Ayurveda provides important tools to navigate all the changes life has to offer, and explore how simple, yet affective adjustments to your diet and self-care practices help us achieve vibrant health and balance. As these adjustments take hold in your routine, you will find that you are not dieting or restricting the joys of life, but actually living Ayurveda, an ancient wellness practice designed for your body. 

In addition to the live weekly classes, registrants to this program will have access to an Ayurvedic coach and yoga teacher via an online community support platform, and a workbook for post immersion information and suggestions. For those new to Ayurveda, these resources will help you gain a foundational understanding of its history and practice.  All are welcome but spaces are limited.

Through guided yoga practices and Ayurvedic lectures, group conversation, and more, explore different ways of navigating the transition from summer to fall and beyond. This program includes:

Seasonal food recipes with a cooking class

Practices to help your mind orient to fall  

Skin care routines that nourish the skin, circulate lymph, and ground the nervous system 

Practical, natural methods to support your digestion  

Traditional fall tips designed to prepare for the dryness of fall and winter

5-day traditional Ayurvedic eating plan


Sahar Rizvi

Owner, Cleveland Masala LLC

Sahar is a Masala food guide, Ayurveda Consultant and Health Coach. She provides immersive experiences where you will explore new food languages, spices, flavors and the healing benefits of eastern wellness.

Julie Schlemmer

Owner, Lotus Flower Yoga Collective

Julie is the owner of Lotus Flower Yoga Collective in Cleveland Heights. She believes the connection of the human spirit is as close as the breath we breathe and invites us to explore all the paths that lead us to that place of unity.

Dates: Afternoons of October 2, 9, 16 and 23.

Time: 2:00-4:00 PM

Investment: $450.00

Early Bird Price: $395.00 – End September 6, 2022

Please call the studio if you have any questions.

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