Pose and Paint

Pose and Paint: Yoga and Painting as a Healing Practice

The symbolic representation of the Chakras are everywhere we look these days. From wellness centers to yoga studios, t-shirts to tattoos we see the rainbow-colored representation of lotus leaves weaving their way throughout our culture. Ever wonder what they mean within the world of yoga? Did you know they hold a deeper meaning than just the colorful display of symbols? The Chakra system has a profound place in the study of yoga which compares it to the spiral opening of consciousness represented as a system of unfolding lotus flowers. It is a system that taps into the subtle energetic body which, when explored, offers one the opportunity to become more observant in one’s own life.
Within this workshop you will get a chance to learn about and tap into the main 7 Chakras on a physical, energetic and creative level. We start with an all-levels Chakra-based yoga class followed by a painting workshop with local Cleveland Heights artist, Syliva Lewis. Brushes, canvas and easels will all be provided, along with a take-home workbook to allow the exploration to continue. This workshop is perfect for visual learners looking to dive into their creative energetic body. Invite a friend and join us for a colorful afternoon!

What’ included:

1 Hour Chakra based yoga practice.

1 Hour guided Chakra painting class including pain, brushes and canvas.

Copy of a Chakra Art Healing workbook to take home.



Sylvia Lewis

Yoga Student / Local Cleveland Heights Artist

Yoga Teacher

Mary Beth Rezek

Yoga Teacher / Massage Therapist 

When: Sunday, September 25, 2022

Time: 2:00-4:00 PM

Investment: $50.00

Early Beard Special: $40.00 until September 2, 2022

Please call the studio if you have any questions.

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