Annie Siegel

of Simply Grounded, is a native Clevelander dedicated to the path of helping her clients become more mindful in their daily life. She has been immersed in the local mindfulness community for more than 20 years, as both a student and teacher. 


Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher 500+ hours

Certified Yoga Tune Up & Roll Model Method

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Certified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

Annie is a seasoned Thai Massage practitioner with over a decade of experience. Her techniques of acupressure, rhythmic rocking and stretching are transferred with the intention of bringing deep relaxation.

Thai massage is a soothing blend of gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking, and acupressure. The meditative qualities induced by the gentle rocking and massage encourage deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to move the client into deeper postures and stretches. Thai Massage is a fully clothed massage that offers the recipient both a physical and energetic release. Annie enjoys this meditative, relaxing and nurturing form of energy work and aspires to introduce the many benefits of this practice to those around her.

Join her in our beautiful, inviting Thai Massage room at The Lotus Flower Yoga Collective. Her comforting hands will bring rest and healing to all that ails you physically and emotionally.

60 minutes // $125

Plan a Visit

To Schedule a session call our studio at 216-371-9760 or Annie directly at or (216) 233-6547,

To learn more about Annie and her “Simply Grounded” offerings, check out her website

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